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Cleaning Quarry Tiles High Peak Derbyshire

Cleaning Quarry Tiles High Peak Sk23 Derbyshire Abbery Floor Care

This quarry tile cleaning High Peak project came about because our client was looking for a reliable quarry tile cleaning company to clean and seal the floor in her kitchen and dining rooms.

Once I had completed cleaning and sealing, my client was delighted:
“My floor is absolutely brilliant. I can’t get over the colour. It looks like a lovely floor again.”
Mrs. Harvey
The main problems with the tiles were:
  • Dull with lots of marks
  • Ingrained soil from years of use
  • Areas of light efflorescence deposits
  • Areas of Cement-like efflorescence from years of evaporating salts forming into thick deposits on a number of tiles
How To Clean Quarry Tiles High Peak Abbey Floor Care
There was quite a lot of lippage over the floor. The lippage meant that any scrubbing may cause splashes. As I was using some strong cleaners, the splashes could cause damage to paintwork.
So I started by installing protection around the floor to protect walls and adjoining floors against damage from chemicals.

Quarry Tile Cleaning High Peak SK23

I started the cleaning by scrubbing the floor with quarry tile cleaners to remove the ingrained soil.
Clean Red Quarry Tiles High Peak Sk23 Abbey Floor Care
Then I moved on to scrubbing the floor with acid-based cleaners to remove the light efflorescence deposits.
I finished the cleaning process by using a large scraper and grinding to remove the thick cement-like deposits
I left the floor for a couple of hours to dry ready for sealing.

Quarry Tiles Sealing High Peak SK23

I applied 3 coats of high-quality colour enhancing impregnating sealer.
How To Seal Unglazed Quarry Tiles High Peak Abbey Floor Care
The sealer enhances the colours in the tiles, similar to applying linseed oil to quarry tiles. A sealer does not have the problems of oxidation and discolouration that can come with of linseed oil. The sealer gives protection against spills and makes the floor easier to clean.
Once the sealer had dried, I applied a coat of fila wax to further protect the floor and improve cleaning.
Quarry Tile Waxing High Peak Abbey Floor Care

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Terrazzo Polishing Alstonfield Derbyshire

Terrazzo Polishing Repair Alstonfield Derbyshire - Abbey Floor Care

A Small Travertine Floor Transformed Into A Beautiful Floor To Be Cherished

This Terrazzo Polishing Alstonfield Derbyshire project started because my client was searching for a Terrazzo Polishing service covering Derbyshire.
They found examples of my  Terrazzo Polishing page online and made contact with me.
They emailed me photographs showing the condition of the Terrazzo floor. Their main concerns with the Terrazzo were:
  • the floor was dull and soiled
  • old surface glue from carpet
    terrazzo grinding altonfield derbyshire de6 - abbey floor care
  • holes from old gripper bars.
    Terrazzo Repair Alstonfield Derbyshire - Abbey Floor Care
They wanted the floor to have a clean polished finish and the holes filled so they were less obvious.

Terrazzo Repair Alstonfield Derbyshire

I started by cleaning out the gripper holes. I used a diamond burr to clean the edges of the holes and help remove old screw plugs. Then I filled the holes with a standard yellow filler. After grinding the floor, I could see that the yellow Terrazzo border had a slight Orange tinge, making my filler a poor match.
Terrazzo Filling Alstonfield Derbyshire - Abbey Floor Care
So I had to use my diamond burr to remove the filler and fill the holes with a better colour match.
Terrazzo Restoration Alstonfield Derbyshire - Abbey Floor Care
I added a small amount of red and green to the yellow base colour and thankfully I got an exact match.
This does not happen often, as it is difficult to get an exact match when mixing fillers.

Terrazzo Grinding Alstonfield Derbyshire

The surface of the floor was in reasonable condition, however, it had suffered from cleaning with harsh chemicals. The chemical had left the Portland Cement porous and soiled. The only option was to grind away the old surface.
I used a hand machine to complete the edge grinding.

Terrazzo Honing Alstonfield Derbyshire

After grinding, the next step was to progressively diamond hone the floor to a mid-sheen finish.

Terrazzo Polishing Alstonfield Derbyshire

I used marble polishing powder to give a lovely, lustrous sheen to the floor.
Terrazzo Polishing Alstonfield Derbyshire - Abbey Floor Care
Finally, I sealed the floor with a high quality impregnating sealer. Because an impregnating sealer helps protect Terrazzo against staining from spills. The sealer also makes the floor easier to clean.
My client was delighted and so congratulated me on the “excellent work”. What more can you ask?
If you are looking for Terrazzo Polishing Service in Derbyshire or anywhere else in the UK, click here complete this simple contact form for your free, no-obligation quotation
I will be happy to help

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Marble Cleaning Polishing Sealing Services UK

This blogpost was originally shown on Abbey Floor Care

Banish Your Marble Cleaning Nightmares  With Our Professional Marble Restoration and Marble Polishing Services 

Marble Cleaning UK

If your marble floor is dull and difficult to clean, it’s a sign that the surface has been damaged by scratches and chemical etch damage.

You need to call on the services of a professional marble cleaning company.

However, this can be daunting task… where do you start… what do you ask… who can you trust?

We have been cleaning and restoring marble floors for over 20 years and built up an enviable reputation for service and quality.

Get a free no-obligation consultation be a trained and experienced marble restoration expert as the first step in cleaning your marble floor



karen holmes review for abbey floor careCan’t praise Abbey Floor Care highly enough. We can’t believe how they transformed our awful (inherited) stone floors into something so lovely. First rate professionalism and a genuinely lovely man. Highly recommend them. Thank you David ( & Christopher) Karen Holmes

Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Marble Polishing

As with many cleaning terms, marble polishing is a general term that describes a range of marble cleaning services to restore a shiny, scratch and blemish free finish.

A common question we get is:

“How much will it cost to clean and polish my marble?”

The cost to clean and polish marble depends on the condition of the floor tiles, scratches, damage, soiling etc. In most cases, we can make an assessment fro good quality photographs. That’s why we ask you to send us photographs of your floor.

If we need further information from you, we generally contact you by email, giving you time to give us the information.

Marble Cleaning And Polishing Tiles In Reasonable Condition

The cost can range from £15.00 to £25.00 per square metre.

This floor was in good condition but had lost its shine.

The surface of the marble tiles was dulled by small scratches and light etching.  A sample of marble cleaning and marble polishing (just above our watermark) shows a new beautiful clean and polished finish. The picture also shows the effect of removing soil from the grout lines.

The polishing process can remove scuffs and light scratches on light marbles, however, if you look closely, you may still see scratches, but they will be shiny and less visible.

This floor had lost its shine from grit brought into the home by a pet. Whilst methodical cleaning will help keep a shine, the grit will eventually dull the shine. So we suggested that the floor was lightly polished rather than being fully restored. See more here:...

Polishing Marble Tiles In Poor Condition

The cost generally ranges from £30 to £45 per square metre.

marble cleaning and polishing giving a beautiful finish

This marble was in poor condition. It had lost its deep gloss through surface scratches, blemishes and some light etch mark damage. The polishing started by cleaning the grout with a rotary scrubbing machine and 1,200 grit honing powder

Whilst the floor was poor, there was little lippage, so we didn’t need to grind the floor smooth. So the floor was honed using diamond honing tooling. Honing tools range from coarse to fine grit, just like sandpaper for wood finishing.

The floor was then polished using marble polishing powder to transform the shiny surface into a deep, lustrous gloss.Finally, we apply the penetrating impregnating sealer to help protect the finish and make it easier to keep clean.

Honing will remove scuffs and light scratches on the lighter coloured marbles, however, it will not deep scratches, damage or lippage.

Polishing Floors Starting With Deep Grinding

The cost can range from £45+ per square metre, which we call a full restoration.

Originally I had called this section Polishing Tiles In Bad Condition. However, floors that need grinding are not necessarily in “bad” condition. They can be in  good condition, even with a good polish, but these floors suffer from being poorly laid and have “lippage” problems.

Lippage is the term for tiles that are not laid flat, with a height difference between adjacent tiles. The difference in height means that the floor can not be honed, because “honing” diamond tooling can not deal with lippage.

Before the floor can be honed and polished, it needs to be made smooth by grinding the floor to make it smooth, so the tile edges are all the same height.

In general, floors with lippage above 2mm will need to be ground smooth before the floor can be honed and polished.

A floor will also need to be ground if it has deep scratches and damage that can not be removed by honing.

marble floor before polishing by abbey floor care
grey marble polished by abbey floor care

This marble was in reasonable condition, with light scratches that could have been polished by honing. But there was a lot of lippage over the floor. So the floor needed to be ground smooth.

The photo was taken after a couple of passes. You can still see the edge of a tile that has not been ground, so the floor eventually needed 4 passes to make it smooth and ready for honing.

The photo on the right shows the finished polished floor.

marble polishing service needed to polish badly scratched marble
black marble floor polishing after

This black marble was badly scratched plus there was quite a lot of lippage. So the floor had to be ground smooth with 30 grit diamonds before honing and polishing a final shine as shown in the photo on the right.

Make Sure To Hire Professionals

As you can see, marble polishing is a considered investment. It needs experience, training and the right equipment. Mistakes are costly, so getting it right the first time is crucial.

    • For kitchens, bathrooms and closets, we recommend 400 to 800 grit finish. This gives a soft shine that resists showing light scratches and scuff marks.

    • If you want a deeper gloss, then the marble can be honed to a 1,500 grit finish. This gives natural gloss and is better suited to visually high impact floors.

    • Marble comes in a multitude of colours and if you have dark marble, brown marble, grey marble, black marble, then they must be honed to 3,000 grit before the right colour starts to show itself.

    • The floor should be re-polished and sealed on an annual basis

    • The wrong cleaning chemicals will break down the impregnating sealer.

What Causes Dirty Marble?

Now you have an idea of the costs to restore marble, you may be wondering what made your marble floor dull in the first place, especially if you feel that you have looked after your floor.

Many issues can cause a problem for your marble tiles. Common problems are:

  • soil and grit

  • acid spills

  • furniture damage

  • poor installation

  • uneven tiles

  • no sealer

  • the wrong marble sealer

  • cleaning chemicals

  • cleaning equipment

  • not enough cleaning

But you needn’t worry because we will carefully explain how your marble has got into its current condition.

Then we can advise you on the different finish options and costs. So you can choose the solution that fits your budget. We always try to suggest a solution that is best suited to your situation.

If you have pets and small children, you may be better off cleaning and polishing your floor to an “acceptable” finish, rather than a high perfect finish.

We will also give you comprehensive advice; covering cleaning chemicals, equipment and methods, so keeps its looks for a long time.

How To Clean Marble Tiles – A Quick Introduction

Once your floor is restored to its original beauty, you will only keep it looking beautiful and shiny if you clean it properly.

That means you need to dry sweep your floors on a daily basis to remove grit and surface soil. Ideally you should also damp mop on a daily basis with specialist marble cleaning chemicals and a microfiber mop. You can find out more here..

The Solution To 3 Common Marble Polishing Problems

Chipped Floor Tiles – Lippage

Chipped tile edges are usually caused by the marble tiles being uneven. We call this lippage. Where the lippge is small, say under 1mm, and then the tiles can be honed flat. In most cases this will remove small chips. Colour matched epoxy filler can repair holes and larger chips.

If the lippage is over 1mm, then the floor will need to be ground to make it smooth. Then the floor can be honed to remove the scratch marks from the grinding. Again any remaining chips can be filled with an epoxy filler,

Dirty Grout

Sometimes the investigation will show dirty grout.  Dirty grout is usually a result of not understanding how to clean marble floors; the importance of using a clean mop and using too much water.

A wet mop will just move surface soil into the grout lines, causing a buildup that is difficult to remove. In these cases, we use specialist chemicals. We can then apply a grout sealer.

The grout will stay cleaner if you damp mop using a microfiber mop system.

Alternatively, we can grind the marble tiles down to the grout. The floor will be smooth and much easier to keep clean.

Take advantage of a free consultation and estimate by a trained and experienced Floor Restoration Expert as the first step in cleaning your marble floor.

If you’re looking for an excellent service from a trustworthy tradesman then call Abbey, we will take all your headaches away.

Spots and Stains

Marble  installed in a bathroom, toilet, kitchen or dining room often suffers from ugly etch spots and stains. The majority of food spills contain dyes and have chemicals that can affect marble. Check out our guide to stain identification and removal.

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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Victorian Tile Cleaning Walsall West Midlands WS1

If you live in an older property in the UK you might want to take a minute and have a look under your hallway carpets. If you are lucky, you will find a beautiful Victorian Minton floor.

In most cases, the floor will look work and grubby. But it is possible to restore a Minton floor to a beautiful finish.

This Minton tile floor was over 100 years old, and over time, ingrained soil muted the colours, leaving the tiles dull and uninviting.

MInton tile cleaning walsall

The client had searched for a Minton Tile Cleaning company servicing the Midlands and found our website.

They read a number of our Minton tile posts and saw the how we could restore victorian Minton tiles.

They emailed photos of the floor, and we sent a restoration proposal.

After discussing the options for restoring the Minton tile floor, they hired our services.

Victorian Tile Floor Repair Walsall Project

Before cleaning the floor, I had to repair a run of loose tiles.

victorian minton tile repair

I carefully lifted the tiles, applied an adhesive to the sub-floor and the back of the tiles and replaced the tiles.

relaying minton tiles in walsall

Once the adhesive dried, I grouted the tiles using a dark grey grout.

grouting victorian minton tiles in walsall west midlands

Victorian Tile Cleaning Walsall

I applied a Minton tile cleaner to the floor and left the chemical to work for 20 minutes.

Then I used a rotary scrubbing machine to scrub the cleaner into the surface of the tiles and help emulsify the ingrained soil.

ton-walsalll-west midlands

I used a powerful vacuum to rinse away the slurry and then rinsed the floor with clean water.

Victorian Tile Sealing Walsall

Once the floor had dried, I applied 2 layers of colour enhancing impregnating sealer. The impregnating sealer will help protect the floor from water and oil spills.

sealing victorian minton tile floor in walsall west midlands

The floor was over 100 years old. Some of the tiles were work and had lost their surface crust, leaving the rough inner portion of the tile exposed.

I waxed the whole floor with a beeswax stone floor finish. The wax adds protection and makes the rougher tiles easier to dry mop and damp mop. The wax also gives the floor a pleasant low sheen finish.

finish waxing minton tile floor in walsall west midlands

My client was extremely pleased with the results of my work.

applying wax to a minton tile floor in walsall westmidlands

If you have a Minton tile floor that needs cleaning and sealing, please click here for a free, no-obligation quotation.

Learn more here

See How An Old Minton Tile Floor Can Look Stunning

We are undertaking tile restoration of a vitorian minton style clay tile floor.

The floor is over 100 years and it has had a number of different coatings over its lifetime.

Old Sealer And Adhesive

In the past the floor has been sealed and had adhesive applied for glue down carpet.

Ingrained Soil

The surface of the tiles has ingrained soil, which is not surprising owing to its age.

Loose Tiles

Over half of the tiles are loose as a result of a loss of the original grout and breakdown of the original adhesive.

Re-grouting was not in the restoration specification, however the condition of the tiles meant that we had to take great care not to over-wet the floor and not to dislodge any of the tiles during cleaning and drying.

Protect Surrounding Areas

First we installed protective plastic sheeting to the walls and adjoining rooms. We also removed the door to the w/c to make access easier.

Remove Surface Coatings

The first job was to remove the various surface coatings. We used a broad spectrum gel based sealing and coating remover. The coating was allowed to sit on the floor for a couple of hours to penetrate the coatings and adhesives.

The coating remover does not dissolve coatings, it actually penetrates the coating, softening it and preparing it for removal.

The removal process started with rotary cleaning equipment with various grades of cleaning pads and brushes. The floor was then carefully rinsed to remove the slurrey and residues.

As the floor was old and well worn, quite a lot of the tiles had worn and the old coatings could not be removed with machinery. We applied more sealing and coating remover to these areas and left them to soften the remaining coatings. We then used hand pads and brushes to reach and remove the final coating residues.

The floor was then carefully rinsed and dried a couple of times to remove all traces of old coatings and sealers.

We then left the floor overnight to dry out ready for sealing.

As you can see old clay tiles loose the depth of colour when they are cleaned because the hard pouter layer has worn away.

Apply Colour Enhancing Impregnating Sealer

We brougt the colour and vibrancy back to the floor by applying two coats of our specialist colour enhancing penetrating impregnating sealer.

As you can see the colour transformation is significant. The different colour tiles stand out giving a beautiful appearance.

Look After Your Minton Tile Floor Properly

We carefully explained the importance of looking after the floor properly.

It is important to use the right cleaning chemicals as standard floor cleaning chemicals will eventually strip away the impregnating sealers, leaving the floor dull and porous.

The correct cleaners will clean the and extend the life of the surface finish. So the floor will continue to look beautiful for years to come.

If you would like your victorian clay tile floor or any other kind of stone floor restoring to a beautiful finish call Abbey on 0800 695 0180 or complete our simple contact form.

To see other examples of our tile restoration services, please check this out –

Learn more here

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Give Your Travertine Floor A Serious Makeover Like This Restoration Project In Sutton Coldfield

Travertine Restoration Sutton Coldfield B72 – Abbey Floor Care.

This Travertine Restoration Sutton Coldfield Project arose from our client contacting us for help to clean their Travertine floor and repair some cracks to 4 tiles.

Dirty travertine floor in Sutton Coldfield B72

Over time cleaning the floor had become more difficult to mop clean.

The home had pets and the combination of their natural oils and tracked in the earth, left dark soil ingrained into the surface of the tiles and grout.

Dog oils helping make this travertine floor is sutton coldfield soiled and difficult to clean

We advised a thorough deep clean to remove the soil. Then seal the floor with a mid-sheen surface sealer.

Travertine Restoration Sutton Coldfield B72 Project Stage 1

We started the project by applying our heavy-duty Travertine cleaner and leaving it for around 30 minutes to allow it to work.

Applying heavy duty Travertine cleaner to dirty floor in Sutton Coldfield

A rotary scrubbing machine helped remove the ingrained soils.

Machine scrubbing Travertine floor in Sutton Coldfield B72

Our pressurised rinse and capture equipment removed the dirty slurry. The process also removed soils from holes in the floor any loose filler that was likely to come away over the coming months.

The cracks were opened with a diamond burr to accept a hard filler.

Diamond burr opeining crack in Travertine floor ready for repair

I filled the holes and cracks with a hard jasmine coloured filler. When the filler was hard, it was sanded smooth with the surface of the tiles.

Cracks in Travertine tiles filled and then sanded smooth with the surface of the tile

The floor was ten years old, so the surface of tiles in the wear areas was worn rough. I used a honing machine to hone these areas with 200 grit diamonds to help smooth the surface of the tiles.

Travertine Sealing Sutton Coldfield – Stage 2

I sealed the floor with a coat of impregnating sealer. The impregnating sealer helps protect the stone and acts as a primer for the finishing sealer.

Sealing a Travertine floor in Sutton Coldfield B72

I finish sealed the floor with four coats of mid-sheen Surface Sealer, leaving an attractive, easy to clean finish.

My client was thrilled with the results.

If your Travertine floor is ready for a makeover, contact Abbey Floor Care for a free, no-obligation Travertine restoration quotation.

Learn more here

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Does Your Travertine Tile Floor Look This Good?

Hello this is Abbey Floor Care and we are near Ashbourne, Derbyshire restoring a travertine tile floor.

Travertine Sealing Ashbourne Derbyshire Project

We restored the floor just over four years ago, however the areas by the kitchen units have had heavy wear causing the surface sealer to wear away. So our client called on us for for our cleaning and Travertine Sealing services.



Watch the video on youtube here:

The wear had also caused the surface to lose its smooth finish.

Travertine Cleaning Ashbourne Stage 1

We started by installing protective plastic sheeting on the floor from the entrance to the job to protect it from soiling as we went to and from the work area.

We then installed protective sheeting to the walls, adjoining rooms and kitchen units to protect them from splashes and spills from the work area.

We started by deep cleaning the floor using rotary cleaning machines, 800 grit honing powder and cleaning chemicals.

The 800 grit honing powder was abrasive enough to work dirt out of tiles and grout lines without damaging the surface of the tiles.

Once the floor had been carefully rinsed we hard honed the floor starting at 100 grit, up to 800 grit.

The 100 grit honing smoothed the surface of the tiles and rid of the majority of visible scuffs and scratches. We then honed the floor at 200, 400 and 800 grit, leaving the floor nice and smooth, ready for re-sealing

Before we re-sealed the floor we filled any holes with a colour matched grout.

Travertine Sealing Ashbourne Stage 2

Once the grout had hardened, we cleaned the surface and applied six coats of water based natural stone surface sealer.

This gave the floor a beautiful sheeen, matching the rest of the floor..

If you are looking for Travertine Cleaning and Travertine Sealing Ashbourne or any other kind of stone floor restoring to a beautiful finish call Abey on 0800 695 0180 or complete our simple contact form.

Abbey Floor Care

Burton upon Trent


United Kingdom

01283 440142


To see other examples of our travertine restoration services, please check this out –

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